“Two Little Monkeys” Chocolate Making Workshop


Awaken your senses and join Two Little Monkeys for an incomparable chocolate experience. Throughout the workshop, you will discover the intricate art of chocolate-making and learn about the cultural & social impact of cacao in history.  The tour will begin with a brief walk through our organic farm where you will be introduced to cacao trees, exotic fruit trees, spices and more.  You will then use ancient Mayan tools & recipes to freshly grind cacao to make two traditional chocolate drinks.  Finish your chocolate experience by molding and decorating your own chocolate bars to take home.  As you wait for your chocolates to solidify, you will be able to use a traditional “trapiche” to press and enjoy fresh sugarcane juice while browsing our selection of artisanal craft chocolate products made on-site.

  • This workshop is two hours, in which you will be sitting and standing with Ishmael, moving around his workshop and working together to make chocolate.
  • We ask for at least two people in this workshop to help support Ishmael, and are flexible to accommodate groups as large as you wish.
  • Ishmael is a long-time friend, and loves to share his passion for chocolate with our guests.



What to Bring: Comfortable clothes, room in your stomach for chocolate

Tour Includes: a hands-on chocolate making experience, fresh chocolate milk, fresh made chocolate, transportation to Ismael Farm 10 minutes away from Heliconias

Time: AM (10:am) or PM (14:00)

Duration: two hours

Cost: $50 per person, $30 children