Take advantage of our serene location out in the Costa Rican countryside, far away from the noises of town-life, and join us for an amazing bird watching experience. Our guide will lead you walking out from the hotel grounds on an easy-going stroll down secluded paths that are beautiful and accessible to all (the paths are mostly flat and not strenuous). Along the way, we will teach you about the flora and fauna present in the surrounding area, answer your questions, and show you how to sight birds through our guide-provided telescope and binoculars. Who knows, we might even find one of the sloth families that are our neighbors!

We are happy and flexible to schedule this whenever in the day you would like, but our expert recommendation is to go bird-watching either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These are the two times of day the birds are out eating, and more of their activity means more to spot for us.

  • The tour is two and a half hours walking followed buy an hour and a half to pick fruits and eat breakfast.
  • We ask for at least two people on the tour to help support our guide, and are flexible to accommodate groups as large as you wish.
  • We would love to take you bird-watching while you stay with us. Send us an email, call down to the front desk, or come over and talk while you’re dining at this restaurant. We will make it happen for you.



What to Bring: comfortable walking shoes, bug repellent, a camera

Tour Includes: a walk through forest trails, fruit collecting, breakfast (morning) or a coffee break (afternoon)

Departure Time: early morning (6am) or late afternoon (4pm) recommended

Duration: four hours

Transportation: onsite at Heliconias Nature Lodge

Cost: $65 per person