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Costa Rica Homes for Vacation Rental

Forget about high hotel prices, crowds of tourists, or organizing all your activities.
With Costa Rica Home Vacations you can relax in the comfort of our private properties while we give you an exclusive service at an affordable price.

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We offer a collection of specially selected properties, from luxury villas and modern houses to rustic cottages. 

Tropical nature, luxury, and comfort collide in the same environment, with properties tailored to their own location.

We want you to relax while you delight in an inviting harmonious space. Our aim is to provide high-quality customer service, in other words, let us know your inquiries! 

Because our properties are exclusively located you will be surrounded by trees, overlooking rivers, or secluded in private neighborhoods.

You won’t have to worry about being too far. You will be a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes away from the friendly city of La Fortuna. Therefore close to supermarkets, restaurants and local art shops. 

Amenities. You will find that open spaces with gardens surround the houses. BBQ and pool areas are displayed for your gatherings, also,  cozy spaces to chill with your loved ones.

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La Fortuna Top Homes for Vacation Rental

Casa Heliconias La Fortuna

Affordable Price

A great option for families or groups of up to 6-8 people.

This property offers privacy and luxury for your vacation in La Fortuna with the best price!

Villas Jose Manuel

A private Villa for large groups.

You will be less than 1 km away from La Fortuna downtown.

Paradise Green House

This property is 15 minutes away from the noisy and busy city of La Fortuna.

Discover the secluded comfort and intimacy of this property.

Villas del Río

Ideal option when the privacy of family or friends is important, this beautiful property offers up to 6 rooms and an excellent location.

Some Of Our Favorite Properties.

¿Why Choosing Costa Rica Home Vacations?

Modern & Comfortable

Enjoy the modern designs of our houses, cabins, and villas.

We focus on elegant and simple designs that create peaceful environments.

The common areas are created to invite you to stay and share with your loved ones.

Finally, the houses are equipped with everything you need to carry out your regular activities.

Privacy & Safety

You will have the option to use the alarm system in most of our properties. 

Our properties are delimited by screens and electric gates.

You will be located in rural areas, which are considered safe and quiet.

For Large parties and Independent Travelers

If you are traveling with a group of up to 16 people, we have spacious options for your stay.

Check out our private villas for vacation rental.

We specialized in travelers that prefer to move independently. So, if you prefer to keep autonomy in terms of food, time, and activities, we have great options for you. 

Your Personalized Service

  •  We can take care of your tour reservations and transportation arrangements.
  •  Allow us to schedule massage treatments and a private chef to take care of you in the comfort of your home.
  • We will love to help you with your special requests, for instance, extra beds, pet permits, or others. 
  • If you are coming for your honeymoon in Costa Rica we will be happy to prepare a welcome detail for you and your special one. No extra cost.

Do you have any questions so far? Hit us with a WhatsApp message: 

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I have rented their houses on two occasions and I recommend them 100% both places fully equipped, clean and super good service.

Ana Caballero

Very nice everything! First class attention in any required situation. Everything impeccable. Quiet place, super clean pool, highly recommended!

Sonia Maria Conejo Rojas


Things to do in Arenal, Costa Rica!

Whitewater Rafting Balsa River

This tour is adrenaline to the maximum level!

Enjoy the rapids in the hands of trained professionals.

Chocolate Making Workshop

Awaken your senses with an incomparable chocolate experience.

Uncover the intricate art of chocolate-making with Two little Monkeys.

You will also learn about the cultural & social impact of cacao in history.

Night Walk Experience

The flora and fauna awaken when the night arrives and you will be able to find out everything during this tour.

Find frogs, insects, and other species with the help of your naturalist guide.

A treat for Nature Lovers!

Children Eternal Rainforest

Explore tropical nature during this 10km walk.

This tour has a medium difficulty and it’s operated by our hotel.

Birdwatching Tour

Get up early in the morning to discover the variety of birds that the area offers.

Maybe you might find a sloth also!

A naturalist guide will accompany you during this tour.